Locks for Protection


It is important to keep your valuable safe and secure. When anyone wishing to properly secure their homes or businesses contracts with a Gardena locksmith, they are depending on that service to install quality locks that will keep most intruders out. For most of these situations, a durable and dependable lock will do, as long as the locksmith has faith in its quality. They are the skilled, after all, and their customers should be able to trust their judgment. However, there are other agencies, like insurance companies and law enforcement, which have a different opinion on the methods of proper home and business security, and recommend that everyone use only British Standard locks.

The security of lock is tested and determined visually and physically by various assessments to evaluate the wear and tear of lock. If the product passes the assessment then British standard kite mark is embedded on them.

There are various standard that are passed by the product and with the British standard mark there is also number of the standard it had gone through that people inquire.

BS3621- this standard number is for the mort ice and cylinder locks, in which key is used from both sides of the lock.

BS8621-locks need keys to entry but keys are not required for the exits. Commonly used in flats or apartments.

BS10621-the standard number BS10621 locks can only be locked by key from outside and no key is required to open the lock from inside.

To check the whether the lock is approved by the British standard institution; look for the British standard kite mark along with the British standard number.